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Augusto Pinochet is concluded under house arrest

the Former dictator Augusto Pinochet concluded on Monday under house arrest under the decision of judge Juan Gusman, the Chilean press informs. The warrant on arrest has been given out by the judge in connection with the beginning of litigation against Pinocheta on charge in abduction in days of dictatorship (1973 - 1990) nine persons and murder of one of them. It is the second litigation against Pinocheta on charge in mass reprisals for last three years. The first has been begun in 2001 on charge in the organisation and direct participation in Operations of Kondor spent in 70 - e years special services of dictatorial modes of Chile, Argentina and Paraguay. Victims Operations of Kondor there were thousand oppositionists and members of their families. However this process has not been finished because lawyers of the defendant have presented to court the health certificate about Intellectual weakness of average degree which does not allow accused to conceive adequately arguments of charge and protection . 89 - summer Augusto Pinochet lives together with the spouse in aristocratic area Deesa in the east of Santiago and, under the certificate of the police authorities, practically does not leave for a private residence fencing. Therefore the house arrest put him can be conceived as exclusively formal step. Now against Pinocheta two judicial investigations - one on charge in the murder organisation in Argentina by autumn of 1973 of the former commander of land forces of Chile of general Carlos Pratsa with the wife are conducted simultaneously; the second for charge in corruption and concealment of several millions the dollars which have been found out in this year on a confidential abacus of Pinocheta in the American banks. RIA News