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The officer - the deserter, Putin`s classmate, will starve at residence of the British prime minister

the Former Soviet officer working on the British investigation, intends to go on hunger strike. He demands from the government of Great Britain to rescue it from poverty. Victor Makarov when - that delivered a military information to Great Britain from the heart of KGB. Then it have exposed, and it has spent five years in camps. After service MI - 6 has helped it to run to Great Britain, it had a hope to begin new safe life in the country for the sake of which he risked the life. However the reality strongly differed from its hopes: being on the grant on physical inabilities and not numerous official tips, it has appeared the spy, which have left on a cold hardened and sentenced to poverty. Now the person who is a live reminder on signs of an epoch which both parties would prefer to forget, has arisen from a non-existence: The former spy who wants to demand that he considers as the by right, writes the British newspaper The Independent (transfer into site Inopressa. ru). Makarov to which now 49 years, declare that intend to begin termless hunger-strike, having located for this purpose on street Uajtholl sidewalk where government agencies are located, directly opposite to residence of premieres - the minister. Thus he wants to achieve annual pensions of the deserter . He speaks: For me it is not too heavy. I was in Soviet ispravitelno - labour camp. I know that such hunger . With itself(himself) it takes only a sleeping bag for heat. Makarov was born in Moscow in 1955. In the childhood of Makarova has thrown his mother. At school it was a victim of hooligans. The future scout has decided to find work which would make its capable to stand for itself. The army and militia did not suit it from - for their low intellectual level. Victor has entered the higher school of KGB and has ended it simultaneously with present president Putin. (Judging by the data from open sources, Vladimir Putin among others 25 investigators has passed a course in Academy of KGB from February, 1st till June, 30th, 1976. This group prepared for management on to struggle against ideological diversions of the opponent - a comment red NEWSru. com). Modern Greek language and jurisprudence were a speciality of Makarova. To the middle 1980 - h Makarov was an analyst confidential 16 - go department where were engaged in decoding of intercepted diplomatic mail from the West countries. Having started to work, he has found out that its own family has suffered from KGB hands. Its great-grandfather, the orthodox priest, has been shot. on me it has worked as earthquake, - he speaks. - it was necessary to solve, leave only immediately or to wait . Makarov has waited, but after in Poland in 1981 the martial law and after Soviet Union has in the early eighties started to behave, from the point of view of Makarova, more aggressively has been declared, he has understood that works on a criminal mode, and has decided to become the spy in favour of the West. However the growing discontent with a repressive mode of its own country and interest to the West have forced it to learn English. He has fallen in love with the teacher of English language Olga Birevu, the translator and anglofilku which convinced him to try to run to England and to begin there new life together. It has convinced me to be converted to British, - Makarov remembers. - It was convinced anglofilkoj. It had an old atlas of Great Britain. We considered it often together and dreamt that it would be possible to run to England and to get married there . Olga was converted to the familiar English businessman who as it was found out subsequently, worked on MI - 6. The confidential intelligence service as it happened often in similar cases, has demanded service for service. Makarov tells: They wanted, that I spoke to them, than I am engaged, and handed over the information. Then they agreed to help me to leave . Almost two years he informed the essential information on how its branch intercepts diplomatic messages, trying to convince coherent to help it and to its girlfriend to leave the country. Its contribution has been estimated subsequently by experts from the investigation world. One of the former colleagues has given out Victor, and on July, 8th, 1987 he has been arrested. Five months Makarova interrogated in notorious Moscow Lefortovsky prison - its former schoolmate - but it in what has not confessed was engaged in interrogations. As he said, if has confessed, it would shoot, writes The Times (transfer into site Inopressa. ru). Makarova have denounced for 10 years which it should spend in notorious labour corrective camp Perm - 35. Sitting down in the truck on which me took away to Perm - 33, last camp of Soviet Gulaga, I felt huge sense of relief - me have not shot . Makarov says that, despite a rigid operation mode, in a sense Perm it has appeared for it clearing. for the first time I had a possibility freely to speak. All of us were political prisoners. Intellectual disputes and an exchange of ideas were opened and stimulating. I learnt English, for the first time have read the Bible . While it was in prison, Soviet Union and the Warsaw contract have broken up. In 1992 it have released on amnesty by last political prisoner. After clearing it has contacted MI - 6, and though it is improbable that to it would prevent to leave the country legally, it contraband delivered to London through Riga and Helsinki. Makarov asserts that to it promised the solid financial compensation, capable to provide worthy existence. Instead of it it have passed from hands to hands to service MI - 5 which has organised for it the English passport, has found demountable habitation, has given out 12 thousand pounds and has given to itself. While a unique source of the income of Makarova - the disability pension which to it give out from - for complaints to depression which has developed, as he said, from - for its positions. Since 1992 to it gave out any small sums, and three years ago when it has begun the judicial claim against the government for default from obligations, it has received 65 thousand pounds on which has bought a small small house in a county Northumberland - he has chosen this district, because it has reminded it Russia. In spite of the fact that to it have helped to receive new documents, Makarov says that needs the further assistance as considers that at president Putin of his life danger still threatens. Makarov speaks: I cannot find work, because I am not trained anything else, except how to be the officer of investigation - and on them now there is no special demand. I hope that could teach Russian in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, but they do not want anything the nobility. I feel that I was betrayed by the country for the sake of which I risked the life . Besides, he is assured that intelligence services know something about Olga`s site which has disappeared right after its arrest. NEWSru. com