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Aggressors of the bus in Greece demand the plane to Russia

the criminals who have Grasped the bus have contacted local radio station the Alpha also have declared that demand the plane for a departure to Russia. One of grasped the bus was presented as Hasan and has declared that it Russian. The police yet does not confirm this information. As has informed RIA News the press - the embassy secretary of Russia in Greece Cyril Gadzatsev, embassy has no the data that the Russian citizens could grasp the bus. It is supposed that the bus was grasped by the two criminals who were in number of passengers. However, according to managed to run the driver, them can be and more. The police has exposed a cordon approximately in 300 metres from the bus. The bus has gone from Athenes in 6. 15 Moscow time. Soon eyewitnesses have informed on bus capture. According to preliminary data, in hostages there are nearby 25 persons. Anybody from them has not suffered. On request of criminals passengers have drawn curtains. The bus driver managed to run, having taken with itself car keys. As a result the bus has been blocked by police on the highway conducting to a place the Marathon to severo - to the east from Athenes. RIA News