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The Office of Public Prosecutor has got criminal cases on 13 large officials

the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor for last eight months initiated criminal prosecution of 13 large officials. In December Tagansky court of Moscow of the beginnings of hearing in essence on criminal case concerning the former governor of the Tver region Vladimir Platova. The State Office of Public Prosecutor accuses him of the excess of the powers of office which have entailed heavy consequences (a part of 3 articles 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation). In particular, according to the investigation, cold season financing in region that has led to failures in work housing - public utilities and a gas economy has not been in full provided. Platov of the charges shown to him does not recognise. In the end of November has been detained in a hall of court and it is placed in a temporary detention facility vitse - the governor of Koryak autonomous region Michael Sokolovsky who is accused of cold season failure in district. vitse - to the governor supervising toplivno - a power complex of district, Office of Public Prosecutor has brought accusation in excess of powers of office. According to the investigation, Sokolovsky`s actions have led to an emergency situation in district when with the cold season beginning in district stocks of diesel fuel in an autonomy have made 30 % from requirement, and in a number of settlements rigid restrictions in supply of electricity are entered, schools and kindergartens do not work. Is under examination and the operating governor of Kamchatka - Michael Mashkovtsev. The regional Office of Public Prosecutor incriminates it the crimes provided by articles 285 and 286 criminal codes of Russian Federation (excess and the abusing the powers of office which have entailed heavy harm). It is accused, in particular, of a no-purpose expenditure of means northern delivery . Thus the consequence to deliver urged compulsorily by means of militia of Mashkovtseva in Office of Public Prosecutor that it has familiarised with materials of own criminal case. Simultaneously with a legal investigation of Mashkovtseva the Office of Public Prosecutor in November has finished a consequence on criminal cases concerning its assistant Vladislav Skvortsova, and also the head of administration of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij Yury Golenischev and the head of department of the given administration of the Lily Slovetsky. As Konstantin Chajka in interview, now the accused has informed earlier zamgenprokurora in Far East federal district continue to get acquainted with business materials. In the end of September the subscription about nevyezde was is taken with vitse - the governor of the Kamchatka area Alexander Chistjakova. The chief of investigatory department of the Kamchatka regional Office of Public Prosecutor Vladimir Rozgachev has informed that it has been made within the limits of investigation of criminal case upon illegal distribution of quotas on vylov water biological resources in the industrial purposes for coastal fishery. As he said, by then Chistjakov supervising fish branch, has already been interrogated already as suspected in excess of powers of office . Charge in excess of powers of office with causing of heavy consequences has been shown on August, 20th to the governor of Yaroslavl region Anatoly Lisitsyn. According to the investigation, Lisitsyn, holding of the state post of the subject of Federation, has admitted a number of infringements by granting of credits, subventions and the state guarantees to a number of the organisations, than the damage at a rate of more 1,5 billion roubles has caused to the budget of area. In the end of August upon excess of powers of office (a part of 1 article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) the Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnodar territory has filed criminal charges concerning the mayor of Krasnodar Nikolay Priza. According to in management of the information and public relations of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Prize as the mayor, individually defined general contractors on performance of civil work which were financed at the expense of city treasury and thereby also has fallen outside the limits the powers . Criminal case on a veil of excess of powers of office has been raised and concerning the chairman of the Municipal duma Alexander Kirjushina. Subsequently, as one of lawyers Kirjushina Dmitry Agranovski has informed, accusation has been brought to its client and it has been discharged from the post. On suspicion in bribe reception in the large size in the end of summer of 2004 the assistant to the governor of the Kaliningrad region Sabbas Leonov who was simultaneously the chairman of the commission on carrying out of auctions on kvotiruemym to the goods, imported on area territory has been arrested and taken into custody. As confirms a consequence, on August, 9th Leonov has received 150 thousand dollars from the private businessman for carrying over of terms of auction on sale of quotas on imported cars for earlier period. In the middle of May the public prosecutor of the Saratov region Anatoly Bondar has informed on excitation concerning the Saratov governor Dmitry Ayatskov of criminal case under article 286 a part 3 criminal codes of Russian Federation (excess of powers of office) and later has not excluded even possibility of its arrest. Subsequently the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has cancelled taken out before the decision on the given case as premature, and then the decision on a broader scale has refused to file criminal charges. In department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in Privolzhsky federal district have informed that Ayatskov has admitted the abusing office position which is not forming structure of a crime as its actions have not caused essential harm to someone`s rights and interests, and also has paid in public prosecutor`s check the expenses incurred by the budget. As a result of check on the materials, concerning the governor criminal case concerning the government of the Saratov region operating affairs Smartly under articles 159 and 285 criminal codes of Russian Federation - ", nevertheless, has been brought; swindle and abusing powers of office have informed earlier in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. NEWSru. com