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Attack in Nalchik: the question on the accomplice remains opened

Federal Agency of the Russian Federation of control over drug trafficking (FSKN) will accept adequate security measures in connection with an attack on drug enforcement Management on Kabardino - Balkarii in Nalchik. It has declared RIA News the chief of department interdepartmental and information work FSKN the general - lieutenant Alexander Mihajlov. Heads of our territorial bodies have already drawn conclusions from an event in Nalchik and will accept adequate security measures taking into account operative conditions on places - he has told. Thus Mihajlov has added that in regions the management of service does not plan to publish any additional instructions on protection of objects FSKN. all necessary basic documents on performance of duty and protection of objects have been developed at the time of imperial army. The main thing - is strict it to follow - the general has explained. Mihajlov has refrained from comments concerning the version according to which at the moment of an attack in a management call centre there was an accomplice of the criminals, helping to disarm narcopolicemen. all circumstances of an attack will be investigated by the State Office of Public Prosecutor. I think, hardly it is possible to say that among employees of drug enforcement there was a betrayer as all of them have killed - representative FSKN has told. Earlier the informed circle close to a consequence, has informed RIA News about a conclusion made field investigators, that at the moment of an attack in a management call centre there was an accomplice of criminals who has helped to disarm narcopolicemen. employees of drug enforcement well knew the helper of insurgents and it has not called them any suspicions - he has added. Also, according to the source, finds acknowledgement the attack version on management FSKN of participants of the extremist organisation JArmuk . By the present moment the consequence already has the information that members local dzhamaata JArmuk had a direct bearing on an attack on a building of management of Drug enforcement of republic - the interlocutor of agency has told. It has not excluded that the version about participation in murder of employees of Narkokontrolja Kabardino - to Balkarii and capture of the weapon by extremists from this organisation, becomes the basic in investigation of this business. Before RIA News in Ministry of Internal Affairs Kabardino - Balkarii have informed that in favour of the version about an attack of extremists says also that lately in republic participants so-called local dzhamaata have made an attack on the representative of management on struggle against Anatoly Kjarova`s organised crime and the chief of one of colonies of Muhtara Altueva. Thus the source has added that the version about an attack on management of drug enforcement of insurgents from Shamilja Basayev and Aslan Maskhadov`s bands also is checked. According to the data zamgenprokurora the Russian Federation Nikolay Shepelja, during an attack on management of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances in Kabardino - Balkarii were lost four persons, 79 automatic machines, 182 pistols and a considerable quantity of ammunition are stolen. RIA News