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LUKOIL » the Oil company " reduces the prices for gasoline and diztoplivo for 5 % Russian & World News.

; LUKOIL from now on reduces street prices on gasoline and diesel fuel on 5 %. This decision, as they say in entered RIA News a press - company release, it was accepted board LUKOIL . the Prices will be lowered at own gas stations of the company in all regions - it is marked in a press - release. This decision is accepted in connection with seasonal behaviour of balance of supply and demand, and also within the limits of the general schemes of development of the Russian oil refining factories confirmed by board and the organisations nefteproduktoobespechenija groups LUKOIL till 2014, it is told in a press - release. According to these documents manufacture substantial growth vysokooktanovyh gasolines from 3 million tons in 2005 to 6,6 million tons in 2014 is planned, in particular. Besides it is planned to finish quality of production to the Euro standard - 3 in 2009 and Euro - 4 in 2012. It is provided also that by 2014 the company will increase about present 7 % to 10 % a presence share in the retail market of the Russian Federation. In Russia to LUKOIL 4 oil refining factories and about 1500 gasoline stations belong. simultaneously with decrease in street prices in all regions of the activity LUKOIL opens hot telephone lines on which consumers can inform on infringements of the established price policy and to express the opinion concerning quality of automobile fuel at the company gas station - it is marked in a press - release. Last week head LUKOIL Vahid Alakbarov at a meeting with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared that the company reduces wholesale prices for oil products in the Russian market. Your company - one of large operators in the market of oil products. How estimate now a situation with gasoline and what we could make together - both the government and business to support consumers? - the president at a meeting with head " has asked; LUKOIL . We represent all completeness of responsibility lying on the oil companies, for stable maintenance and a national economy, and the population, and now we take steps. Have already begun seasonal decrease in wholesale prices - Alekperov has informed. However he has paid attention that, despite reduction of prices by wholesalers, the retail companies the prices do not reduce. wholesale prices decrease, and retail keep at the same level, as in November - Alekperov has told. In the near future LUKOIL will begin actions which it is pushed the retail companies to it, the head of the company has declared. RIA News