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Liv Tyler Known actress Liv Tyler on Tuesday, on December, 14th has given birth to the son Russian & World News.

, has given birth to the son. While parents have not thought up a name to the child. It was born on Tuesday early in the morning from one of hospitals of New York, informs Sky News. Thus, the actress known on films Escaping Beauty the Armageddon Onegin Doctor T and Its Women to three parts of an epopee Lord Kolets has made the grandfather 56 - summer fate - the musician, the legendary soloist of group Aerosmith Stephen Tyler. Liv has learnt that her father is Stephen Tyler, only at the age of 11 years. It is the daughter of the leader of group Aerosmith and the former model Playboy of Bibi Buell, and it is necessary to recognise that it is very similar to the father. Liv last year has married for British fate - musician Rojstona Lengdona. It was delirious with delight when has become pregnant. To be prepared for sorts, Liv has given up smoking, and her husband from solidarity has refused a skateboarding. Liv repeatedly said earlier that dreams to get the child. I always awfully wanted to have the present family and I dream of children - has told then the actress. NEWSru. com