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FSB has stopped in 2004 activity of 18 employees of foreign special services and 47 agents

In 2004 of FSB of Russia has stopped activity of 18 personnel employees of special services of the foreign states. It at a meeting with heads of leading Russian mass-media was declared by the director of FSB of Russia Nikolay Patrushev, passes RIA News . FSB of Russia in 2004 is stopped activity of 18 personnel employees of special services of the foreign states. From them with polichnym six have been grasped, and two persons subsequently are involved in a criminal liability - Patrushev has told. As he said, FSB of Russia also has stopped activity of 47 agents. this figure characterises activity of foreign special services concerning Russia " enough; - Patrushev has told. The head of FSB has informed that activity of 89 persons, involved in special services and the organisations of the foreign states is localised, or connected with the radical is religious - the nationalist organisations. Among them 16 citizens of Russia seven of which are denounced, 18 foreigners are turned out from Russia and entrance on territory of the Russian Federation to 32 foreigners " is closed; - he has informed. According to the director of FSB, prospecting activity of some foreign special services and the organisations against Russia poses real and serious threat to national interests and to security of the country. to the given aspect of FSB gives traditionally special attention - Patrushev has underlined. In 2004 on territory of Russia was to close entrance 238 inostrantsampo to Patrushev`s data, in 2004 on territory of Russia entrance to 238 foreigners suspected of participation in terrorist and extremist activity is closed. As he said, field investigators of FSB have found for A.Salimova and brothers of Sadirovyh who are involved in carrying out of acts of terrorism in Republic Tajikistan. Now they ekstradirovany. On the basis of materials of FSB bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor have raised criminal cases and have brought accusations to the citizen to Uzbekistan J.Kasymahunovu under articles 205 (terrorism), 282 (hatred or enmity excitation), 327 (a fake, manufacturing or sale of counterfeit documents) UK to Russia. Besides, charges have been shown A.Drozdovsky under article 205, a part 1 (involving in fulfilment of crimes of terrorist character) criminal code of Russian Federation who were regional heads of the terrorist organisation Hizb ut - Tahrir . FSB has revealed a network Al - Kaidy which operates on Northern KavkazeFSB of Russia also has revealed in territory of Russia a network Al - Kaidy which is present in the North Caucasus. According to Patrushev, participants of a terrorist network, " now are established; and we should spend work on neutralisation of their activity . Patrushev has noticed that FSB of Russia and other law enforcement bodies was late more than 900 insurgents to whom measures of administrative and judicial influence on set with perfect them acts were applied. FSB also has defined a number of persons which for Russia represent the greatest danger. It is Basayev, Maskhadov, Udugov, Umarov, Gochijaev, Halilov, Abu Havs, Abu Tari. We should establish their site and to detain them - Patrushev has told. Thus the director of FSB has noticed that on their detention or neutralisation it is not enough for overall performance only FSB work, the system of all branches of the power should work. 20 persons who were illegally kept in ChechneV 2004 of FSB of Russia are released has released more than 20 persons illegally kept in territory of the Chechen Republic. Among released - the head of the Dagestan branch of the organisation Doctors without borders the citizen of Kingdom Netherlands of the Item Erkel and the citizen of Slovakia Evikova. FSB has prevented attempt of export from Russia of actives Gazprom on more than 500 million dollarovnikolaj Patrushev also has informed that FSB of Russia has prevented attempt of a conclusion from Open Society actives Gazprom a share holding for the sum more than 500 million dollars. on the basis of FSB information in 2004 attempt of a wrongful conclusion from Open Society actives " is prevented; Gazprom a share holding 11 regional gazoraspredelitelnyh the enterprises for a total sum more than 500 million dollars - the head of FSB has declared. Besides, as he said, according to FSB the Ministry of Finance of Russia passes the decision on collecting of 35 million dollars with Russian - tanzanijskogo joint-stock company Tanruss the investment cop limited . NEWSru. com