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Sex - tourism in Brazil: « if the virgin weighs more than 15 kg, it is ready »

In Brazil there was a book Meninas da noite in which its author Zhilberto Dimenshtejn describes life of juvenile prostitutes, mechanisms and channels of trade in girls. Thanks to this book the parliamentary commission has begun investigation on children`s prostitution, and the police has performed the large-scale operation which has come to the end with several arrests. One of places where there is an active trade in small prostitutes, - Belem, the settlement located nearby to Fortaleza. Here that Dimenshtejn writes: When they are hungry, go to cafe and ask from waiters to eat. I pay off chupetinha - one of them " speaks;. They go to a bathroom or any lonely place with the waiter or the cook and in some minutes acquire the right to a breakfast . The author of the book explains that chupetinha is an oral sex. As the author of the book has told, girls hire in the various ways. Them entice promises to give work, but then they appear in night institutions in other cities, them hold locked up, practically as in prison. In the course of recruitment the most various receptions, even intimacy with a victim whom then sell are used. Or the girl buy directly in a family. The market of the little girls which virginity is exposed on the auctions prospers also. About it writes La Stampa. In the book certificates of the psychologist of Maria Louise Pinhejro from the Brazilian Center of the childhood and adolescence are resulted. In particular, she has told that among sellers of virgins the cynical joke is extended: It already weighs more than 15 kg, it is already ready . Stories small prostitutokdimenshtejn tells sad stories of small prostitutes. In 11 years Maria Aparesidy Da Silva had a dream: a beautiful doll which it is possible to change clothes for different dresses. Once the man has promised to it to buy such doll if she agrees to play with it . The girl has come back home without the promised gift. Other man has learnt about the disappointment which has comprehended Maria Aparesidu, and has promised to it: this time you will receive the doll. The girl in the second time was gave to the man and in the second time has received nothing. To Christina of 11 years, she lives in Manaus and from - for short hairstyles is similar to the boy. She already knows that such the condom, but does not use it. It is said that, if it not to use, it is possible to be ill with something, AIDS for example, but I do not believe it . Some professional receptions are already familiar to it. Her have taught that always it is necessary to take a payment forward. It costs to 7 thousand kruzejro. The journalist has asked it: You such small and already trade in yourself? She has burst out laughing and has told that her mother works in Itaramacha, in a quarter of cheap brothels, and it does not interest at all that the daughter is engaged in prostitution. Zhilberto Dimenshtejn is the author of one more book - chronicles of destruction of children in Brazil. (Translation of the article into site Inopressa. ru). NEWSru. com