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Deutsche Bank has protested the demand « YUKOS » about bankruptcy

the Known Houston lawyer Hugh Rej representing interests of Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank, has officially protested the demand YUKOS about the bankruptcy, brought an action Houston. About it RIA News has informed asking not to name his name the American lawyer who is the expert in procedure bankrostva who was present on Wednesday at hearings on business YUKOS in court of Houston where under the chairmanship of judge Letitsii Clark demand consideration " has begun; YUKOS . According to the lawyer, Rej motivated the protest with that Deutsche Bank already is in process of credit allocation to Gazprom for participation in auction on purchase Yuganskneftegaz and consequently the suspension of auction will hit at the interests of bank. At this Rej named the demand YUKOS about the bankruptcy, submitted to the American court, Legal gesture of despair from the Russian company. Anybody from representatives of Russia in the Houston court was not and consequently the lawyer Dojche bank was a unique figure who has opposed demands YUKOS the lawyer, by which words, representatives present at hearings " has informed; YUKOS have informed the judge Clark that documents on bankruptcy of the company have been the day before passed the Russian government in Moscow, in the Russian embassy in Washington, the Russian consulate general in Houston, and also to the American lawyer representing to the USA interests of the government of the Russian Federation. Despite objections from lawyer Deutsche Bank, judge Clark has made decision to begin in the morning on Thursday, on December, 16th (in 18. 30 Moscow time) question consideration about to a time suspension all operations on actives YUKOS including the auction planned for Sunday on sale JUgonskneftegaza the lawyer has informed. As he said, at hearings on Thursday to lawyers YUKOS it is necessary to produce to the judge Clark the evidence on four points. It, in particular, acknowledgement zajavleniy YUKOS that Yuganskneftegaz can be sold at the price in $8,6 billion while actually cost of this company at least twice is more. Besides, lawyers should prove that allocated for fee of lawyers and being in banks of Houston some millions dollars are the property YUKOS also that business YUKOS enters into the competence of the Houston court. The judge the question, why auction on sale " also interested; Yuganskneftegaz has been appointed to the day off on Sunday, on December, 19th, and how much such practice is typical for Russia, the lawyer has informed. As he said, in case judge Clark will pass the decision in advantage YUKOS the order about to a time suspension all operations on actives of the Russian company will operate within 15 days then the further process of consideration of a question on bankruptcy will proceed. if the decision about " is passed; to a time suspension granting by foreign banks of credits for auction acquisition Yuganskneftegaz will be considered as infringement of the decision of the American court, for what actives of these banks in territory of the USA can be frozen, and the fact of such threat can quite stop sale Yuganskneftegaz - the lawyer has informed, having added that Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Calyon and other banks, not to mention the American bank J. P. Morgan, have, certainly, actives in the American territory and on them a fright Before sanctions for infringement of the decision of the American court authors of the demand " count; YUKOS . During the first hearings on Wednesday representatives YUKOS proving that the court of Houston has the right to consider case of the Russian company, have given to the judge Clark activity proofs YUKOS and its heads in territory of the State of Texas, and also have informed on financial assets YUKOS stored in the Houston banks that also is the basis for such consideration. So, in particular, in bank Wells Fargo are placed belonging to YUKOS $5 million allocated for fee of the Houston lawyers, and more $2 million have been passed before one more Texas lawyer office which also was engaged in affairs of the Russian company in the USA. Besides, that the main financier living in Houston YUKOS Bruce Mizamor could carry out the duties and incur the expenses connected with consideration in court of the demand about bankruptcy, in the Houston branch Southwest Bank of Texas has been translated about $500 thousand. According to received by RIA News copies of the official demand about bankruptcy YUKOS the decision to be converted into southern district court of Houston was accepted society board YUKOS - Moscow at the session which has taken place in Moscow still on December, 10th. RIA News