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The criminals who have grasped in Greece the bus, have surrendered to the authorities, all hostages are released

the Two criminals who have grasped the day before on morning in Greece the bus with 23 passengers, have surrendered to the authorities, all hostages are released. As has informed on a press - conferences on Thursday the minister of a public order of Greece Georgios Vulgarakis, bus capture has been made by two Albanian immigrants. The police has already published names of criminals. In the Greek transcription they sound as Leonard Murakas and Dzhazi Rezuli. To both for 24 years, in Greece they have spent for six years and earlier in offences in the Greek territory have not been noticed. Thus, statements of terrorists that they " are officially refuted; Russian . The day before one of the criminals, presented Hasanom has declared that it Russian also demands the plane to Russia . As the official representative informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Jakovenko, citizens of the Russian Federation have not appeared also among hostages. The armed people have grasped the passenger bus in suburb of Athenes on Wednesday morning. The driver and the conductor managed to run, in hostages have appeared more than 20 Greeks. Terrorists demanded, that to them have given one million euro cash and possibility free to drive to the airport to leave Greece. Otherwise they threatened to blow up the bus. During the day on Wednesday criminals released on some persons. One of the released hostages - Kondilija Stephanie - has been hospitalised with a head injury. Other hostages have not suffered. In the evening in the bus remains six hostages, and terrorists declared that more will release nobody till the morning when banks will open, and it can bring one million euro of the repayment. At eight o`clock local time (9. 00 Moscow time) Albanians have appointed a deadline for performance of the requirements. About half tenth Moscow time malefactors have made two shots in air, presumably, from a fowling piece. On the night of Thursday, nearby 1. 40 Moscow time, both terrorists and six hostages left the bus with hands behind a head. Criminals have been detained by police, from them have withdrawn two fowling pieces. At the same time, according to police, they did not have an explosive. Albanians have brought with themselves, besides guns, only bottles with water and croissants. For the permission of crisis with bus capture great strengths of police have been involved. Law enforcement bodies have involved tens observation cameras which were used during the Athenian Olympic Games in August. Chambers have been established along a route on which there passed a marathon line. The prime minister - the minister of Greece Konstantinos Karamanlis has postponed visit for the European Union summit in Bruxelles for one day in connection with capture of hostages. The minister of a public order of Greece has noted professional actions of law enforcement officers which have helped to avoid victims. Composure, coordination, resoluteness and professional qualities have helped the Greek police and have led to the happy end without victims, lost-free and without violence. The police operated approximately. Experience of the Olympic games has not passed for nothing - Vulgarakis to journalists has told. In police notice that, according to preliminary data, money was the main motive of actions of criminals. under the first data of interrogations, they were going to receive money and to disappear in Albania. And that gathered in the airport, they declared, that to stir up water - the representative of police has told. RIA News