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The nuclear spy » there was the honourable rector of university

Mordechai Vanunu who 18 years ago has given out nuclear secrets of Israel, is selected by the honourable rector of university of the Scottish city of Glasgow. As inform local mass-media, for a nominee of Vanunu the overwhelming majority of members of student council of one of the oldest universities of Great Britain has voted. Making comments on results of elections, the head of educational institution Mjuir Russell has noticed that its students show a wide range of interests to world problems the newspaper " writes; Dzheruzalem fast . In 1986 Vanunu has passed the London newspaper Sandi tajms photos of internal premises of strictly coded nuclear centre secretly made it in Dimone where worked as the technician. Having studied them, experts have drawn a conclusion that Israel possesses a nuclear arsenal. Agents of the Israeli special service Mossad have stolen the physicist in Rome and secretly delivered to Israel. The court recognised Vanunu guilty of espionage and high treason and has sentenced it to 18 years of imprisonment. After an exit on freedom in April of this year Vanunu, accepted Christianity, has lodged in anglican church in Jerusalem. On conditions of its clearing of Vanunu it is forbidden to leave Israel, to communicate with foreigners, to give interview and to use the Internet. However contrary to restrictions of Vanunu repeatedly acted on pages of foreign newspapers with condemnation of the nuclear program of Israel. Having learnt about election on honourable fast at University of Glasgow, the former Israeli physicist has informed that uses it for attraction of attention of world community to nespravedlivostjam, created in Israel . The rank of the honourable rector grants Vanunu the right within three years to head supervising advice of university. Earlier this fast was occupied with the British prime ministers William Gledstoun and Benjamin Dizraeli, and also the fighter against an apartheid in the republic of South Africa Winnie Mandela. RIA News