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In Hungary have decided not to close the old atomic power station

In Hungary intend to prolong service life of the atomic power station constructed with assistance of Soviet Union in Pakshe. As the correspondent " passes; News " these days the firstborn of the Hungarian atomic engineering marks the 20 - summer anniversary.

the conducted researches have shown that there are no technical, financial and other obstacles 4 prolongation of operation of an atomic power station, the chairman of board of directors of the atomic power station Karoj Molnar has declared. As he said, it to the full concerns and a problem of safe functioning of station. Atomic power station reactors are in a Gud status that is CFMed by many international checks and completely correspond to EU requirements 2 nuclear objects of similar age.

the atomic power station in Pakshe is extremely necessary, as in Hungary there is no reasonable and economic alternative of atomic energy. Besides, Gud rates in the country conduct 2DAY building of storehouses 4 a nuclear waste in Badaapati and mounts of Mechek, has underlined Molnar.

4 program realisation " reanimirovanija " 400 million dollars/ is required to station of 100 billion forints/ approximately. It is important that these means of the atomic power station will find from own sources.

under primary technical writs, the atomic power station in Pakshe is necessary for closing during the period between 2012 and 2017 years. The Hungarian experts consider that this term it is possible " to remove " almost for 20 years.