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the Victim of earthquake in Kashmir

Victims of new earthquake in a part of Kashmir supervised by Pakistan of a steel 23 persons, including 18 children. As the correspondent " passes; News " this specified data was resulted on Friday by the state Pakistan agency Hey - Pi - Pi.

Under its data, from - for remoteness of the areas which have suffered from two tremors, the information therefrom arrives W delay and is incomplete. The number of victims of earthquake can appear more - is informed on tens wounded men.

on Wednesday morning to an interval in half an hour in mountain area Gilgit (W epicentre in 45 km 2 jugo - to the east from the capital of this district with the same name) has occurred two pushes capacity in 5,5 points under the Richter scale. Earthquake has amazed area near to a mount Nanga Parbat (8126). In district Diamer in four villages it is completely wiped out over 100 apartment houses, more than 1100 it is destroyed partially.

People in a panic ran out from the dwellings, not always having time to take out all juvenile children who perished under ruins. A shelter has lost more than 7 thousand persons. Around affliction it is broken vodo - and an electrical supply, hundreds goals of livestock have fallen, is hurt and completely blocked from - for collapses the strategic Karakorumsky line connecting Pakistan from the Peoples Republic of China.

to the aid of victims groups of regular army and civil rescuers and physicians W tents, warm clothes and the foodstuffs are directed.

on Friday in area new pushes were felt.

it - any more the first earthquake in Pakistan in this MTH. During strong tremors 11 persons on November, 2nd and 3 were lost.