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the USA will develop the plan of post-war management in Iraq

George Bush`s Administration is created coded " supervising working group " at the White house which problem is working out of a detailed plan of the post-war government in Iraq after falling of a mode of Saddam Hussein, the correspondent " passes; News ".

As it became known on Monday from sources in the American administration to the informed magazine " JU es a news end uorld riport " the group structure includes representatives of high rank of several key departments at level of the first zamministrov. In particular, CIA, National Security council at the president, and also ABT the representative of the device of the vice-president of the USA is a question of the Ministry of Defence, incorporated committee of chiefs of staffs of armed forces of the USA, State department.

group which already has spent some private meetings in " to a situational room " The white house, informs George Bush on the WRK through the adviser of the US president for national security Condoleeza Rice.

now the plan of post-war management passes the coordination in Iraq at various levels, but is already clear that it includes three main stages, first of which will be introduction of direct military board of the USA in all territory of the country under command of the American general. Presence at Iraq " is thus provided; considerable " the American military contingent safety and humanitarian support will be which problem.

It is expected that the first phase of such post-war management will last from 6 MTH about one year then at the second stage the power will be passed joint " international " civil authorities in which the role of the new Iraq authorities will already increase. Then, after carrying out in any form of the constitutional meeting or the convention, all power in Iraq will be completely passed the representative government which will operate on a multiethnic basis.

the most optimistical scenario assumes that all three phases can be finished within 2 years after falling of a mode of Saddam Hussein, but in many respects it will depend on question financial side, marks magazine.

according to budgetary management of the congress of the USA, the maintenance of a peace-making contingent of the American military men in Iraq number from 75 B4 200 tys the soldier will be manages in the sum from 17 B4 46 mlrd dollars a year. Restoration of a base infrastructure in Iraq will cost at least 30 more mlrd dollars, and more scale vostanovlenie the countries will manage post-war administration in 100 mlrd dollars, writes magazine.