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the military base of the USA in Seoul was attacked by students

the American military base " Camp - Heat " in Seoul it is subjected on Monday to an attack from the students protesting against the justifying of two military men of the USA, from - for which in road incident two South Korean schoolgirls were lost. On the MSG which have arrived from Seoul, students have thrown a military facility bottles W an incendiary mix.

as the correspondent " passes; News " on victims and victims during protests it is not informed. However the police had to apply force to disperse more than hundred demonstrators.

two military men of the USA are recognised last week by the American military court " guilt-free " after in the summer of this year they on the army car have casually knocked down to death two 13 - summer girls.

According to South Korean agency Renhap, in the nearest future originators of incident will leave South Korea from - for fears to sweep.

protests against the justifying of the American military men in South Korea proceed some days. Their participants achieve, in particular, cancellation established by the agreement between Washington and Seoul of an order according to which crimes of military men of the USA in South Korean territory are investigated not by local court, and the American tribunal.

in South Korea it is billeted about 37 thousand military men of the USA under the pretext of counteraction " to northern threat " from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. By data " News " matelnoe South Korean tax bearers spend maintenance for them B4 billion US dollars annually.