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Iraq will smoothly deliver to oil to Jordan

Iraq guarantees uninterrupted and sufficient deliveries of oil - a raw and gorjuche - lubricant matelov to Jordan, have informed " News " in the Iraq representation at general sekretate the Organizations of the countries - exporters of oil/ the OPEC/ in Vienna.

> according to the Iraq source, such guarantee follows from the agreement signed in Amman between the minister of oil of Iraq by Amerom Mohamedom Rashidom and mnistrom of power of Jordan by Muhammadom al - Batajna.

Since next year the Iraq oil - and on a potential oil stock the country is on 2 - m a place within the limits of the OPEC, conceding only to Saudi Arabia - will start to arrive on the pipeline on the Jordanian oil refining industrial complexes.

the part of the oil products made at the Jordanian factories will go to Iraq according to other agreement which is a component so-called " contracts on technical cooperation " . It has been signed earlier between Bagdad and Amman and provides 2 joint fundamental geologo - prospecting workings out.

as consider Rashid and al - Batajna, signing the agreement on deliveries of the Iraq oil and fuel to Jordan, " is expression of desire of the parties to develop mutually advantageous trading - economic cooperation ".

Along with cooperation in power area Iraq and Jordan intend to develop and deepen cooperation in the field of the heavy industry, trade, agriculture and service sphere.

according to Rashida, " refusal of Jordan of threat of aggression concerning Iraq and its appeals 2 respect of the sovereignty and territolnoj integrity of Iraq, and also 2 preservation of regional security in the Near East calls Bagdad feeling of deep respect to Amman which is expressed, including, and in the conclusion mutually advantageous trading - economic contracts ".