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Homosexuals can become donors, gays

In Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation the project of the order on cancellation of an absolute interdiction for a donor service of blood and its components of persons of homosexual orientation is prepared, have informed journalists in organising committee Moscow the gay - parade.
earlier Russian the gay - active workers in several letters in Ministry of Health have demanded to reconsider the order of this department from the September, 14th, 2001, forbidding to become donors to the persons concerning group of risk (to homosexuals, addicts, prostitutes) informs Interfax.
position which we challenge, is obviously discrimination and unnecessary, and it is confirmed with leading experts in the field of blood transfusion. We will achieve up to the end removal of an interdiction for a blood donor service gomoseksualami and carefully to trace performance by the ministry of the obligations taken on on interdiction removal - it is written in the letter.
on Monday from Ministry of Health the answer to inquiries of gays has come. In it it is informed that the ministry works over change of standard legal base, in which frameworks respective alterations " will be brought; and in the order from September, 14th, 2001 .
an interdiction Existing now for a donor service, consider in organising committee the gay - parade, it is directed only on stigmatizatsiju sexual minorities, but in any way does not contribute in effective rendering of medical aid .
Now there are no official comments of Ministry of Health about it.