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The Russian enlisted by London was in FSB with guilty

In FSB of Russia the citizen of Russia with the unusual statement was converted: the man has informed that he was hired by the British special services. As a push to a voluntary appearance has served a press - Andrey Lugovogo`s conference on May, 31st, 2007 in which course the businessman has told about attempts of London to involve it on the party.

This citizen, which name does not reveal yet, has told that it was enlisted in London by employees of the British investigation of Mi - 6 - have informed RIA News   in TSOS FSB. The source also has informed that the applicant named concrete names of employees of the British investigation, has described, in what European, cities and hotels passed secret meetings, and the problems put by London.

In TSOS have especially underlined that to come to FSB the applicant has proved the sudden decision fear for the life: Has pushed its reference in FSB a press - (Andrey`s) conference Meadow and that after a press - conferences with it have communicated employees of Mi - 6 and have demanded an immediate meeting in one of cities of Europe .

Meadow then, in particular, has declared that Berezovsky passed Britain documents from Security council of Russia when held fast zamsekretarja SB.

Especially the Russian was guarded with that circumstance that Berezovsky by phone repeatedly suggested to meet it in Israel, insisting also on the prompt meeting with the British special services.