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The elements continue to torture Europe: in Britain deluges, in Greece - a drought

Zapadzhnaja and Southern Europe continues to suffer affliction from - for terrible weather conditions. June heat in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania has broken all conceivable records and turns around the present affliction. The first summer month became most hot in the history of Greece for last 90 years. Last two days in Athenes the temperature in a shade has reached 42 degrees, and in some areas has risen even to +46. And the further forecasts are unfavourable: weather forecasters foretell preservation of an abnormal heat over the weekend.

In this connection local authorities have decided to finish the working day at midday, hospitals are resulted in a status of the raised readiness, and in the population order special premises with conditioners are allocated. From - for mass uses of conditioners the electric power expense in the country has already exceeded 10 thousand megawatt, informs the First channel.

In Bulgaria and Romania some days there is a forty-degree heat. Only in Sofia for one day with heatstrokes have been hospitalised about thirty persons. The quantity of brigades of first aid and the ambulatory medical centres is increased, in streets of cities free of charge distribute potable water.

In Italy already I blaze forest fires - many inhabitants of Palermo evacuated.

In the meantime in Britain houses and streets and at home are deluged, schools are closed, bridges are washed away. Some areas remained without an electricity. On rescue of people helicopters are thrown. The royal Air Forces participated in evacuation of victims in the city of Sheffield in the north of Britain. People rented from houses roof where they took cover from flooding.

while the elements avoid Moscow. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, tomorrow in capital it is expected nearby +18, times rains, and 28 - go June air will get warm in the afternoon already to +26, deposits also are not excluded, informs Gismeteo. ru.