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To Russia deliver drugs in the form of the Chinese medicines

on June, 26th it is declared by the International day of struggle against drugs. On territory of Russia the considerable part of drugs gets from China where many preparations can be got freely in a drugstore. Many learn about an interdiction of preparations only at customs through which narcotic substances are taken by usual tourists - who for themselves who on sale.

the Greatest party this year 2448 tablets. And so it is usually found on 100 - 200 pieces - has informed NTV channel   the chief of department on struggle against contraband of drugs of Far East operative customs of S.Bataev.

Among the confiscated preparations there are medicines for a headache and cold at which in small quantities there are narcotic components more often.

Everything that is authorised in China, in Russia it is forbidden by the law. Any strong medicines, preparations and additives of the Chinese manufacture are considered as contraband. Many drug traffickers about it know, but run risks.

At tablet confiscation are destroyed, and on the tourist get criminal case which usually comes to an end with only small administrative penalty.