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Tony Blair has not treated the queen with a farewell dinner

Tony Blair by two o`clock tomorrow should release the place and leave Dauning strit, 10. Mr. Blair will begin the day a breakfast with terminatorom and, in combination the governor of California, Arnold Shvartsenegerrom, and at midday will go to the House of Commons for last meeting.

According to sources in Uajtholle, Gordon Brown has allowed to return to Blair on Dauning strit that with all to say goodbye, writes today The Daily Mirror.

Brown has demanded to appoint such term as an ending point horeografichnogo Tony Blair`s leaving.

It is expected that the new prime minister will start to patch wounds of the party by means of the big personnel shifts. Yesterday there was already an information that John Hatton can replace Patricia Hjuitt on fast of the Minister of Health. Also speak about returning of Hezel Blirs which remained loyal to Brown during all election campaign. Minister of Defence Dez Brown, possibly, will save the fast.

Blair became the first the prime minister - the minister who on the occasion of the resignation has not had a dinner with the queen of Great Britain last night in the department. After farewells during a tomorrow`s lunch Blair will go to the Bekingemsky palace officially to hand over powers.

to Say goodbye Blair has begun still yesterday - gardeners from residence on Dauning strit became the first.

Yesterday also there was an information that the former British prime minister is going to declare that becomes the envoy of Europe, America and Russia in the Near East.