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In the Parisian zoo Kid Aldo (so named the new inhabitant of a zoo) on light was born dwarfish begemotik

has appeared three weeks ago, and all this time ministers of a zoo covered it from public eyes that that easy gained strength. Dwarfish behemoths are unique, and them plant under the special program. According to biologists, all over the world them   in total about three thousand, they live basically in western - the African countries, type Sierra - Leon, Guinea to Bissau or Liberia. And here in Nigeria them have already exterminated. Therefore a birth of each kid - huge pleasure for all zoological community.

At dwarfish hippopotamuses, unlike the adult colleagues, the care of the newborn is incurred by a female. Aldo`s mum, begemotiha by name of Anejs, excellent mother. It is it already the third cub, two others - 7 - and   both 6 - and years - live in Spain and Great Britain. Feed the kid   a lucerne, carrots, apples and other vegetables.

Good news to the European program was also that fact that Aldo - the male. The matter is that in the beginning 90 - yh, was only 46 born males and 66 females. Begemotik Aldo became the forty seventh male of this version of animals. Since today`s morning Aldo has had an opportunity not only to eat and idle, but also to consider visitors   - it have let out in zoo zagonchik, informs AP.