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Abramovich and Bekhem are in the lead in the British lists

the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich heads the list of the richest owners of the British football clubs. According to the data which were published by the British magazine “ Four Four Two “ Abramovich`s status makes 7,5 billion pounds sterling. With a huge separation the owner of English " lags behind it; Tottenham “ and Scottish “ Glasgow Rejndzhers “ Joseph Lewis, in which active of 1,8 billion pounds. Into the five of the richest holders of soccer teams of Great Britain enter ςΰκζε:3. Dermot Desmond (“ Manchestver Junajted “ “ Seltik “) - 850 million pounds, 4. Trevor Hemmings (“ CHarlton “ “ Preston “) - 700 million, 5. A family Walker (“ Blackburn “) - 650 million. Close ten Mohammed Al Fajed (“ Fulhem “) And Harry Dobson (“ Manchester United “) Which have the sum at a rate of 470 million pounds. The English magazine has created a rating and the richest football players. The unconditional leader is Englishman David Bekhem supporting Madrid “ Real “. In its order is 65 million pounds sterling. On the second place there is a player London “ the Arsenal “ Dutch Dennis Bergkamp (37 million), occupies the third line partner Bekhema in the command and its compatriot Michael Owen (30 million), the fourth place has reserved Robbie Fowler from English “ Manchester of City “ (28 million), and closes the five of the richest football players attacking “ Newcastle “ Alan Shirer (22 million). In the list of the most well-founded masters of a sport number one players " have been noticed also; the Arsenal “ Sol Kempbell and Terri Anri, and also three representatives “ Manchester United “: Rio Ferdinand, Rajan Giggz also Dig Kin. RIA “ News “