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Paris Hilton is restored after a poor prison food

the unbound Paris Hilton yesterday on an exit could not constrain feeling of hunger:   it was not kept and has eaten the sandwich brought by mum with a ham and avocado.

On an exit from prison in which Hilton has spent 23 days, it was waited by crowd of fans and journalists. On their shouts: We love you, Peris! the girl responded a smile and gave up as a bad job.

During abiding in los - andzheleskoj to prison Peris hardly ate local food, and protection threatened to plant it in a sediment bowl .

the Prison menu consisted of a cold breakfast in 7 mornings (porridge with the milk, welded vkrutuju eggs and fruit juice), then a lunch at 11 o`clock. For a supper of Peris usually received sendvichy with not clear meat - (rublenaja beef and a potato) and macaroni cheese with elastic bands That is square slices of the processed meat, writes today The Sun.

Peris left prison in 12. 15, after 15 - minute disguise from orange prison clothes in design jeans, a white T-shirt and a green jacket.

the Representative of police Steve Uitmor has declared: She has fulfilled the duty .

we Will remind that court Los - Andzhelesa was sentenced by Hilton to 45 days of imprisonment for car driving in a state of intoxication. Then term have knocked off till 23 days because of good behaviour of the concluded.

Today on TV channel CNN air Larri King`s popular show with Paris Hilton`s participation will take place. It is expected that the girl will tell about the misadventures behind a lattice and the lessons, taken it from this experience. Moscow time the program   will begin in 5 mornings on Thursday.