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On a metro station roof « Theatrical » there will be a restaurant

It there will be a first construction on a roof of pavilion of the Moscow underground

Any more the first year it is rumored that on a roof of elevated pavilion of metro stations “ Theatrical “ and “ the revolution Area “ there will be a restaurant of Russian cuisine of “Godunov“. It seems that this courageous idea all - taki will turn out. One of these days Yury Luzhkov has signed the order about contract prolongation on restaurant building. So by the end of next year “Godunov“ should open in a new place.

Now it treats visitors in the former refectories chambers of the Zaiokonospassky monastery of a XVII-th century opposite to the Bolshoi theatre. In November of last year the mayor of Moscow has signed the decision on which churches should restore and pass a monastery. Therefore to transfer restaurant, have chosen a place on - to the neighbourhood. Namely an underground roof.

Two years ago on “ Theatrical “ and “ the revolution Areas “ have replaced escalators and granite facing. In addition in the building of pavilion have changed former overlappings for stronger. So the new roof of metro station can sustain such large object, as the whole restaurant the area 1000 “ squares “. Besides, it promise to construct of modern, supereasy and superstrong designs. Such in Moscow it was not still exact.
while at us is not present either the plan, or schemes of new restaurant. So there are many ambiguities. For example, not clearly, where there will be an input in new   restaurant. As soon as there will be more exact information, we necessarily will publish it.