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Paris Hilton considers that « has merited prison »

That Paris Hilton in the today`s interview on CNN (termination)

" has told; I do not see a special difference among themselves and   other women. I very sociable person loving   the cheerful companies and parties - she has underlined. Besides, the telestar has characterised itself the skilled, young girl .

As she said, she likes to be the focus of attention, loves the work and values the career.

Speaking about photographers of paparazzi, the guest of the air has noticed that here a question not about sympathies, not about that, they are pleasant or not, I simply easy concern such people, understanding that it is their work, they so earn to themselves on a bread piece .

Speaking about Britney Spears, Hilton has told that it the lovely girl loving and careful mother, at it perfect children . Protecting Spears, the telestar has told that all time in the attention centre is difficult to be, to live, when all speak about you, all are interested in you .

answering a question of the televiewer from the State of Florida, Hilton has told that the greatest lie - to say about it that she lives at the expense of parents. it at all so, I much and with purpose of heart work, I very hardworking, completely contain myself, never took and did not ask from parents of money - has underlined Hilton.

Hilton has told to televiewers that always was the religious girl, studied at roman catholic school, till now visits church services, and also reads the Bible . On a question as it was prepared for prison, the secular lioness has told that tried, as much as possible time to spend with a family, and also took with itself the Scriptus. Nevertheless, on the request to quote favourite lines from the Bible, Hilton has refused.

the Rich American believes that has merited prison but the criminal itself does not consider.

Hilton, reflecting in prison, has decided that is necessary to help poor children with the world, to raise money and to put them   in medical researches in treatment of oncological diseases, especially a mammary gland reliquary.

In the conclusion of Peris has read some lines written by it in prison. I am very happy, because I will leave prison and I know that I am am waited by loving parents, at me is where to go and where to work, eat on what to live.   I know that I want in life. Near to me in prison it is a lot of girls who after the conclusion will be on the street, their life is similar to a vicious circle: street, prison, again street - has underlined Hilton.