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an United Russia rulit and in the Duma state, and in the Duma city

Today governor Sergey Darkin on a press - the conference which have taken place in regional administration, has sounded preliminary results of elections of deputies of the State Duma in territory of Primorski Krai.

He has informed that is already processed about 90 percent of ballots. For an United Russia 56 percent from total of the citizens brought in service records were voiced. With the big separation from party an United Russia the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (11 percent) and " follow LDPR (13 percent); Fair Russia (9,8 percent).

Sergey Darkin has noticed that in comparison with the previous elections in the State Duma an appearance of voters this year it is ready above: 58 percent primortsev have taken part in voting. Traditionally most actively the population votes in rural areas of edge. At the same time the appearance and in Vladivostok has this time grown.

the Governor also has resulted   preliminary results of elections in the Duma of the regional centre. Here again primortsy have given preferences an United Russia : more than half of places - at representatives of the party.