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All voices amurchan are counted up

Despite that the official data about results of elections in the State Duma is given in the Amur regional election committee only 11 - ju by regional election committees, it is already possible to speak about the termination of elections. All bulletins amurchan are counted up. 67,87 percent of the Amur voters have taken part in elections. It almost on third more than on elections of deputies of the State Duma in 2003.

Voices for this or that party at present were distributed as follows:

an United Russia - 69,75 %.

the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 10,16 %.

LDPR - 10,13 %.

Fair Russia - 3,93 %.

Country party - 1,6 %.

Union of Right Forces - 1,44 %.

the Apple - 0,67 %.

Patriots of Russia - 0,63 %.

Civil force - 0,54 %.

social justice Party - 0,18 %.

Democratic party - 0,11 %.

These figures still can change a little, but parties - leaders are already obviously defined. In Priamure 7 - a percentage barrier pass an United Russia LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. fair Russia also passing in the Duma following the results of elections as a whole on the country, such trust at amurchan does not use.