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On activity of voters Kuzbas - among leaders

In   the Kemerovo region     in the past the day before elections in the State Duma the high indicator of an appearance of people is noted - have come to vote more than 78 % of voters, informs Kuzbas FM.  

It on 17 % above results of the previous parliamentary elections of 2003. Now kuzbassovtsy have appeared the most active in Siberia, on a broader scale from other Russian regions Kemerovo region very few people has bypassed: the Chechen Republic, Kamchatka. As the chairman of regional election committee Sergey Reutov has informed, is already processed more than 99 % of bulletins, therefore we learn adjusted totals of Sunday voting soon and these figures will strongly not differ from those tentative data which are.

With an enormous separation in Kuzbas the United Russia was in the lead - 77 % of voters have voted for it of more one million inhabitants of region or nearly so. On the second place of LDPR - 122 thousand our fellow countrymen have supported this party, it is an order 7 and a half %. Closes a three of leaders of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - for it than 7 % have voted 117 thousand kuzbassovtsev or a little more. Fair Russia was supported by 54 thousand voters of the Kemerovo region is 3 %. At country party of Russia hardly more than one percent. Such parties as the Apple, Civil force, the Union of the Right forces, Patriots of Russia, the Party of social justice and Democratic party of Russia do not type in Kuzbas and one percent. The chairman of regional election committee Sergey Reutov notices that gross infringements during elections in region is not fixed.

Andrey BAGAEV,