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More than 716 thousand persons have come on elections

According to preliminary data, in   the Penza region   have voted 716 thousand 551 persons. The appearance of voters has made 63. 33 %.

the highest activity of voters - in Mokshansky area - there 86 % voted, Gorodishchensky area - 83 %, Neverkinsky area - 81,47 %, Lopatinsky area - 81,44 %. Inhabitants of the regional centre have shown smaller activity.

All in Penza on polling districts have come 228 thousand 650 persons that has made 54,1 % from total number brought in service records.  

Elections have passed normally. Any gross infringements at the given o`clock it is not fixed - the chairman of election committee of the Penza region Nikolay Taktarov ascertained.

In counting of votes took part   Observers from each of 11 political parties applying for places in the State Duma of the Russian Federation and from 4 parties which struggle for armchairs in Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, informs GTRK Penza .

Ekaterina mednova, .