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Turkmen gas will manage Russia all more expensively

Gazprom and Turkmenia have signed addition to the contract on delivery of natural gas, informs RIA News . So, in the first half of the year 2008 cost per thousand of cubic metre of Turkmen gas will make 130 dollars, and in the second half of the year -   already 150.   And since January, 1st, 2009 the price for Russia on natural gas will depend directly on market cost.

At negotiations in Ashkhabad concerning Russian - Turkmen cooperation, Turkmen colleagues have brought up a question on increase of the price for gas. They have explained it to that representatives of the European commission and Administration of the USA have informed Turkmenia that against the prices for natural gas in Europe, the Turkmen prices are too low and persistently recommended to them to raise the prices. It is no wonder that Turkmen partners have raised the question about necessity of increase of purchase value a minimum on 30 %.

we Will remind that the cooperation agreement in gas branch for 25 years has been signed by Russia and Turkmenia on April, 10th, 2003.

In September, 2006 within the limits of working visit of delegation of Open Society Gazprom to Turkmenistan there was a determined price and gas standard items in 2007 - 2009 - 50 billion cubic metre a year on 100 dollars for one thousand cubes. The parties also have agreed about principles of updating of terms of delivery of gas for the following three-year period.