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Preliminary results of elections in the State Duma (Lipetsk region)

have accepted Participation in elections of deputies of the State Duma about 65 percent of voters of the Lipetsk region included in lists for voting. In the most regional centre the appearance has appeared more low - hardly more than 50 percent. As have informed in regional election committee, according to preliminary data voting results, convincing victory in area was gained by party an United Russia typed   62,25 percent of votes lipchan. On the second place - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, at which 12,93 percent. The third position has occupied Liberally - democratic party of Russia - 9,7 percent. fair Russia could type in the Lipetsk region   8,21 percent of votes. Other parties have not broken a seven-percentage barrier. country party has typed 1,98 percent, Patriots of Russia have received 1,18.   Other parties applying for places in the State Duma, have typed less than one percent of votes.    

                                                                                                                                            Alexander GRISHAEV.