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For target in Priamure has burnt down 7 cars

Especially did not carry in the days off to owners of cars and garages, informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Amur region. For two days it is registered such 7 fires. In Blagoveshchensk has Sunday afternoon burnt out car salon Oka in fire occurrence has resulted malfunction   heating systems. Later in the evening the same day the message on a fire in metal garage along the street Komsomol the regional centre has arrived. Fire has hurt a covering and a garage heater. And in 8 minutes - one more message: in a garage file along the street Polytechnical   two garages burnt at once.

the garage and on a private farmstead of village Vasilevka of Belogorsky area Burned. The fire is found out with delay, fire hurts overlapping and garage walls. Has burnt down the car of Japanese manufacture in garage of inhabitant Belogorska. Circumstances and the reasons of fires are found out. The inhabitant of settlement Arhara owing to short circuit of electroconducting has lost old Nissan - Vaneta .

and on Saturday svobodnenskie firemen extinguished garage, the car and an apartment house on a private farmstead on the second rank of complexity. The fire has occurred in garage, practically in the face of the owner of a farmstead. As he said,   the Chinese electric teapot and the tape recorder has been included in the socket. For some minutes the man left garage and when has returned - has found out a fire. Attempts to extinguish fire independently have not crowned by success, and the owner of a farmstead   has called in uniform service of rescue. The fire on plastic panels by which the garage has been sheathed, developed promptly. In 5 minutes three fighting calculations of firemen have already started suppression. By this time fire had been captured garage, the car, the house wall has lighted up. In two minutes of suppression the fire has been localised, still through some - is liquidated.