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Vladimir Putin has countenanced an establishment of federal educational state standards

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the law About modification of separate acts of the Russian Federation regarding change of concept and structure of the state educational standard passes RIA News . This law has been accepted by the State Duma on November, 14th and countenanced by the Federation Council on November, 23rd, 2007.
Tegosudarstvennye educational standards at federal, regional level and at level of educational institution which exist now,   according to   the law, are replaced with the federal state educational standard which will include requirements to results of development of the basic educational programs which are carried out by educational institution.
henceforth the government will define a procedure of working out and the statement of federal state standards.   But realisation of programs of the higher professional education can be carried out on the basis of educational standards and the requirements independently established by high schools of federal level which list affirms the president.
at the same time the right of educational institution to curriculum formation, and also possibility of controls is saved by education to influence its maintenance taking into account regional and national features.
the uniform approach to formation of federal state educational standards and their subsequent statement in an order defined by the government also is established, and also accurate differentiation of the bases for realisation of educational programs is spent.