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SOUP has redeemed all LiveJournal

the International Company SOUP which are based in Moscow, has completely redeemed at company Six Apart popular blog service LiveJournal (“ LiveJournal “) Informs “ Interfax “.

LiveJournal, opened in 1999 - one of leaders of the Internet in sector it - a line of diaries. According to its audience for a month makes about 18 million unique users from all countries of the world. The greatest popularity LiveJournal (more known as ZHZH) has won in Russia and at Russian-speaking users from other countries (at the moment ðóññêîÿçû÷íût users make 28 % of audience).

“ Community of Russian-speaking users “ LiveJournal “ by quantity of diaries concedes only American, and the word " has proved to be influential enough that in Russian; LiveJournal “ became a word synonym “ a blog “ - SOUP is told in the message.

in October, 2006 SOUP has signed the licence agreement on which to it the rights on support and development of Cyrillic segment LiveJournal departed with the American company of company Six Apart. And here now SOUP completely owns popular blog service.

the Sum of transaction is not disclosed yet, marks BBC.

Now all over the world is 14,3 million registered users LiveJournal (from them 1,7 million regularly update the diaries). A Cyrillic segment “ LiveJournal “ totals 1,3 million users (523 thousand from them are constantly writing authors), informs RIA “ News “.

For management of a resource SOUP has created company Live Journal registered in the USA, Inc., based in the Dignity - Frantsisko. The company will be regulated by the American legislation. The new incorporated command will develop LiveJournal in the USA and worldwide.

In the company special Consultative advice (LJ Advisory Board) where Brad Fitspatrik and two representatives from among bloggers who will be selected voting for certain term will enter founder LiveJournal is created.

SOUP has declared about 100 - the day plan on introduction of new possibilities and services for users LiveJournal. Now in ZHZH it will be possible to mark undesirable records and comments, to invite people to get a diary, to leave personal messages. It becomes easier check in process. Paid and free levels of access will be differentiated more accurately.