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In Yaroslavl the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures has summed up for November

Today a press - the Main thing service upravchlenija the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Yaroslavl region has published work results for November.

In November of current year in territory of Yaroslavl region there were 5 emergency situations - 3 technogenic fires. 6 persons were lost.

For a month in area territory there were 139 fires at which was lost - 19 persons, is injured - 17 persons, 68 - is rescued.  

On water pools of area 3 incidents are registered. 4 persons have suffered, from them was lost 1, is rescued - 3.

On the Central administrative board telephone hotline 27 calls, including 7 - concerning infringement of rules and norms of fire security, 7 - in the area of GIMS, 13 - other questions have arrived.

On hot line phone GIMS 33 calls,   have arrived; Including 19 - on the state check in and checkups of small size vessels, 14 - concerning certification of navigators of small size vessels.

On hot line phone GPN 5 calls of consultations in the field of fire security have arrived.

              For infringement of fire prevention rules by employees of the state fire supervision it is involved in administrative responsibility of 386 persons, from them 259 in the form of the penalty.

Michael KONTUEV,