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Torpedovtsy have surpassed Siberia both in game, and in the table

the House match a Torpedo and Siberia it was caused by that commands were nearby in standings. In case of victory nizhegorodtsy could come off neighbours. Therefore the match has turned out superbasic.

the meeting beginning has turned out simply discouraging for visitors. By fifth minute nizhegorodtsy conducted in the bill - 3:0. Beautiful goals of Goltsa, Kartsev and Varnakova have forced to exult fans on tribunes. And even the washer passed in minority on period exod has not especially afflicted torpedovskih fans.

and here the second period has passed already differently. Visitors have reconstructed the game and gate of owners began to attack even more often. It seemed that one more goal Golts became which author, will cool a heat of visitors. The bill 4:1 allowed to hope for confident victory volzhan.

But in the third period, having passed a washer, Torpedovtsy began to operate as - that uncertainly. It also have used novosibirtsy, having reduced result to a minimum - 3:4.

the meeting Ending has passed very tensely. Siberia replaced the goalkeeper with the sixth field player, but " twice; torpedovtsy have defended victory.

on poslematchevoj a press - conferences Vladimir Jurzinov has very seriously disassembled game of the wards:

- I am very glad that we have won today. Important that we have earned three points, and the command battled all 60 minutes. The only thing that we should to be able - play on the command. Because, conducting in the bill 4:1, it is impossible to commit such rough individual errors. But it is a question another. After game such things it is necessary to assort, look.

today we could please our fans. And pressure All games strained - easy games does not happen. All rivals equal and very strong.

Dmitry of LAURUSES,