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In Perm the Dollar

the Thoroughbred stallion with such nickname is arrested will be responsible for debts of the owner

  One year ago court enforcement officers of the Perm area have raised executive manufacture concerning the careless father who did not wish to pay voluntary the alimony on the maintenance of the child to the former spouse, - informs New region . - the debt of 150 thousand roubles Has collected.

Court enforcement officers repeatedly undertook attempts to collect debts. But it was possible to put a point only after it was found out: the man has a property on which it is possible to convert collecting - a stallion of bay colour on a nickname Dollar. Soon arrest has been put an animal.

In a press - to service of Management of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers on the Perm edge have explained: it not the first case in Perm when animals should be responsible for debts of the owners. The summer of current year had been put arrest flock of cows on account of repayment of debts of an educational economy the Lime mount before the Savings Bank. And in 2005 50 calfs at Open Company " have been arrested; the Bolshevik on account of repayment of debts before legal and physical persons.

Christina MIHAJLOVA,