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The president of Sudan has had mercy to the English teacher

As we   wrote,   in one of prisons of Sudanese capital Khartum   some days   hold 54 - the summer English teacher on the most ridiculous charge. Her have accused of blasphemy and the reviling of the Islamic prophet.

And Dzhillian Gibbons only due to a misunderstanding did not begin to oppose to the offer of children in its class to name a teddy bear Mohammed. This event has received an unexpected resonance all over the world.

In - the first because the teacher have immediately arrested and have sentenced to 15 days of arrest and exclusion from the country. And in - the second because nobody expected such aggressive reaction from Sudaneses who not only have spent spot-check at school on purpose to find and kill the teacher, but also have overblown this story till the improbable sizes:   in Sudan have passed protest meetings, on which   The flown into a rage Sudaneses shaking by swords, demanded immediate death of the Englishwoman. Representatives of the Islamic organisations in Great Britain have not countenanced a court sentence. Mohammed Abdul Barii, the secretary general of Advice of Moslems of Britain,   has informed     that actions of the authorities of Sudan on it sad business can consider excessive .

to help the British to be released, to Sudan on a meeting with the president the Lobster al - Bashirom have gone   two members of Chamber of lords of the British parliament, practising Islam - lord Ahmed and baroness Uersi.

Today it became known that the president of Sudan the Lobster al - Bashir all - taki   the Gibbon has had mercy to the British teacher Dzhillian, informs RIA News .