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Evgenie Rojzman on the radio air has agreed to enter in the Just cause

the Leader of new party Michael Prochorus has suggested Evgenie Rojzmanu to go one of these days on elections to the State Duma under lists « the Just cause ».

When head « Cities without drugs » has come to the Ekaterinburg studio of radio « » he yet did not know, what decision will accept. But under the pressure of investigators and leaders as sports commentators, last minute speak meetings, he all - taki has told « yes, it agree ».  

Evgenie Rojzman on the radio air «»

Evgenie has shared the impressions of a meeting with Prokhorov. According to Rojzmana, the head of new party – the person who has not got used to rush empty promises.

- I have directly asked Prokhorov: « What will be, if will start to press and demand to clean Rojzmana from the list? ». That has responded: « Then we will leave together » - the visitor of studio has told.