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In Mexico « have smoothed out » half-thousand public prosecutors

Among employees the State Office of Public Prosecutor Mexico proceeds scale cleaning of numbers .  

As have informed in department, as a result of careful check on conformity of a post for last three months 462 employees have lost work.

Dismissals have concerned the prosecutors, not managed to pass so-called “ the test for trust ” in which frameworks they were exposed to careful check. 111 more employees should be responded before court for penal wrongdoings.

the Supervising commission has revealed in their activity such infringements, as swindle, use of false documents, reception of bribes, excess of powers and even theft. These affairs have been directed to judicial bodies.

Process “ cleanings of numbers ” in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Mexico has begun three months ago after it was headed by Marisela Morales.

She has declared that an overall objective of the begun check “ restoration of trust among citizens of the country to this instance &rdquo is; passes ITAR - TASS.