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Krasnoyarsk pyrotechnics - the sentence

« is pronounced to a detonator; the Withdrawn subjects are the self-made explosives made in   house conditions by means of saltpeter, acetone, sugar and sulfuric acid … » are materials from business about pyrotechnics - the fan to whom the day before the court of October area has pronounced a sentence.

Fireworks and   petards of own manufacturing have been found out in   a search course in   a cellar of a many-storeyed apartment house where the man equipped mini - laboratory. There, and   also in   to apartment of the man, have been found 9   the self-made explosive chemical substances stored in bottles from - under medicines, glass jars and   polymeric packages, and   also ammoniac saltpeter.

As it has appeared, without having the special chemical education, denounced in   house conditions in   Current of several years did self-made pyrotechnic products. Manufacture of such products is interfaced with   high risk: in   a course of chemical reactions there could be an explosion. Threat existed not only for the chemist - self-educated persons, but also   for its neighbours.

Pyrotechnics have denounced under articles « Illegal storage of explosives » and   « Illicit manufacturing of explosives » and on a judgement to it punishment in   is appointed; a kind 2   years of imprisonment it is conditional, with   a trial period 1   year.