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Finland cancelled the Schengen visa to Michael Golovatovu

Finland has shown solidarity with Lithuania and other Baltic States. It cancelled the Schengen visa which has been given out to the colonel put on the wanted list of KGB in a stock, to the Russian to Michael Golovatovu.

Golovatov ordered special division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR « the Alpha » which on January, 13th, 1991 stormed a television tower in Vilnius. Then 14 civilians and defenders of a television tower were lost.

Golovatov was in Europe on the basis of the Schengen visa which has been given out to it in 2009 by embassy of Finland in Moscow.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland say that the visa has been given out Golovatovu « by mistake » and consequently now it is cancelled. The error ostensibly consisted in a writing of a name of Golovatova.

Finland cancelled the visa right after how it became known about the announcement of Michael Golovatova in search by the authorities of Lithuania.

last week Golovatov has been detained in Austria, however in some hours has been released, Russian service Yleisradio informs .