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The strongest people of Russia dragged in Vladivostok Mercedes

the Most powerful and invincible people of our powerful country have gathered on Saturday in Vladivostok on command tournament on power extreme Pacific Team Strong. Perhaps, such mounts of muscles Vladivostok did not see for a long time. For the first place three commands battled: national teams of Primorski Krai, Siberia, and also Russian national team.

Tournament passed with support of Professional League of the Power Extreme of a name of Vladimir Turchinsky. Before the beginning of competitions memory of the great sportsman pochtili minute of silence.

the First task for athletes: for 120 seconds it is as much as possible time to raise car Mercedes of 100 kg is powerful 2 tons. On hands of one sportsman loading in half-tons laid down. Here is better itself guys from the Russian national team, which most part   have proved to be; has arrived from Vladimir. At all at them in a coin box of a rank of the strongest in our country. Therefore and the result has turned out impressing – 9 liftings for 2 minutes. Siberians managed to lift the car only three times. Unfortunately, primortsy have not lifted also time. It is necessary to notice that our command has appeared the youngest and easy at competitions. Average weight of everyone – 100 kgs: where to ours to 150 - kilogramme giants from Russian national team.

the National team of Vladivostok prevails against weight of 400 kg
the Photo: Xenia VORONEZHTSEVA

to Test itself have offered also to spectators. Even have promised supposedly a competition record you will execute, 9 times you will master, and thy car. But here though once to raise a car. As a result, one of spectators, having called on help of the friend,   « the gelding » taki has lifted, but only time.

The sportsman from Russian national team drags an anchor is powerful 200 kg
the Photo: Xenia VORONEZHTSEVA

Well and already waited for sportsmen relay race. One drags a log is powerful 150 kg, another rolls a tyre cover – 400 kg, and the third tjagaet a bar – « in total - that » 350 kg in weight.

the Athlete from Siberia: 350 kilogrammes? Easily!
a photo: Xenia VORONEZHTSEVA

However, on it weights have not ended. The following relay race – to drag a chain everyone is powerful 300 kg, and also anchors on 200 kg. All besides for a while. Well and for a dessert to lift five « stones » weight from 130 to 190 kg on a rack   in height 1μεςπ 30 centimetres. If in other commands sportsmen replaced each other, Alexander   Lysenko from Russian national team has solved such “ pleasure “ with anybody to share - all to make itself, and the athlete has lifted stones for record time. By the way,   on August, 13th on a central square we are waited by even more entertainment competition. Alexander Kljushev from Vladimir and Michael Kokljaev from Chelyabinsk will arrive to Vladivostok, that   to battle to the strongest people of a planet – Americans   Trevisom Ortmajerom and Andy Boltonom.

Spectators tried to win the car
the Photo: Xenia VORONEZHTSEVA
“ the Stone “ it is powerful 190 kilogrammes - for athletes it not a problem
the Photo: Xenia VORONEZHTSEVA

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