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The Krasnoyarsk authorities have started to punish uchinitelej dumps rouble

Struggle against unapproved dumps in the regional centre there is not a first year, as well as not the first year from the city budget millions roubles are allocated for their liquidation. But dumps, continually appear again and again.

to find with polichnym   infringers who dump garbage where not popadja, it is possible seldom. And still it is possible. And then they do not get off with one prevention.

So, for example, in Kirovsk area of Krasnoyarsk for clearing unapproved musorok in the near future will spend a half-million of roubles. Eight dumps it is already liquidated. Have in total taken out 900 cubic metre of a waste.

Thus here it was possible to catch that is told, for a hand and only for last month 14 « dirty creatures ». 10 from them have appeared businessmen. Naturally all of them have been fined.

But penalties are so scanty that at all do not pay expenses on cleaning of similar dumps. So for last months, all in the same Kirovsk area, in the sum of townspeople have fined all on 55 thousand roubles.

So, can, penal sanctions for unapproved dumps should be increased in times? How you think how much should make the penalty for similar infringements? We wait for your responses in comments to this article.