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Crisis has finished kubantsev... To sanatoria

it is surprising, despite sharp falling of the prices for rest abroad, demand for vacation packages in the warm countries has strongly fallen. Kubantsy refuse rest under palm trees and on the Alpine slopes, preferring to overseas resorts local sanatoria and health resorts.

the First serious losses of travel agency have incurred before New year. Demand for celebratory tours in some companies has fallen almost to 70 percent. Four days in decent hotel with a banquet for 10 - 15 thousand from a nose kubantsy have counted as inadmissible luxury.

Many experts consider that the economy on rest is, more likely, not absence of money at people, and high social uneasiness. Inhabitants of edge prefer while to wait and to spend in vain savings.

- Demand for expensive hotels on - former is high, who has got used to have a rest expensively, that does not refuse to itself(himself) it, - the director of travel company Lyudmila Denisov tells. - By the way, almost on all foreign resorts of the price for rest have strongly fallen to a minimum. For example, now it is possible to go easily to Egypt for a week in five-stars hotel, such pleasure approximately in ten thousand roubles will manage. Still one year ago it would be unreal. Other vivid example. Rest in exotic Dominican republic leaves in 1400 - 1500 dollars, considering that flight there costs more thousand green it is possible to tell that you will live in hostel almost free of charge.  

Many consider that financial crisis will turn having a rest faced to our resorts. So was in 1998 when the dollar exchange rate has strongly grown in relation to rouble and rest abroad became too expensive.

- After a tourist exhibition which has passed recently in Sochi, it became clear that the majority of boarding houses of our coast will be saved by the prices at level of 2008, truth, someone will necessarily play on fall, - Lyudmila Denisov shares opinion. - Will most of all suffer business - hotels. Practice shows that in such conditions business travel, or as it is accepted to name them, the congress - tours use smaller popularity just. And here sanatoria and health resorts which give qualitative medical programs and spa - procedures, will be, more than ever, demanded. Our resorts will stake on this direction.

It and is correct, it is a high time to lie down in salinas, to drink mineral vodichki and to treat nervishki.