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Megaphone the Pleasant unexpectedness

awards the most active subscribers

I do not know, how you, and I very much like to write and receive SMS - ki. That in Samara is a lot of fans of mobile letters, past Thursday all visitors of shop " could be convinced; the Chaconne . The first rewarding of the most active subscribers of the company " Here has taken place; the Megaphone . On January, 22nd prizes and gifts from the cellular operator were received by the people who have sent within 2008 greatest quantity SMS - messages. The absolute record was established by Andrey Krjuchin. For last year he has sent to friends and acquaintances almost 55 thousand SMS - ok!

- For me all event - a bolt from the blue! - the winner has shared with us. - after all I sent messages not for participation in any competition. They were necessary for me at a certain stage of life for business development, and also for correspondence with native, friends and acquaintances. It is very convenient, after all the person not always can respond to a call, and SMS absolutely precisely by it will be read.

the Subscriber of the Megaphone Andrey is for a long time. Says that with a choice of the operator it was defined at once. The Young man accepts all: a communication quality, a cover zone, weight of value added services and services. In the love to SMS - kam it is not lonely. Except Andrey gifts from the Megaphone have received 4 more persons - each of them has sent to friends more than 30 thousand mobile messages.

- I work in journalism sphere, therefore very much I love Russian, to communicate with people, - Olesya Skopets smiles. - Probably, therefore at me such long messages turn out. Last two years in SMS - kah - all my life. I hope that Megaphone communication will help me with that in my private life all was remarkable!

the Interesting fact: daily subscribers of the Megaphone in the Samara region send and receive more than 9 million messages.

Be ready!

Prizes handed over to winners the chief of sector of marketing of the company the Megaphone across the Samara region Alexey Merzljakov and the representative of shop the Chaconne Marjana Shapkin.

- In December, 2008 the company the Megaphone in the Volga region has connected 10 - the million subscriber, - has told Alexey Merzljakov. - We very much are proud of the achievement because it is the absolute record, till now any operator has not reached   such indicator. For this reason within 10 weeks we will award inhabitants of area who last year most actively used our services.

Prizes and gifts from the Megaphone already wait for the greatest fans to hang for a while on phone. Among nominations : The greatest vocal traffic in areas, the vocal traffic in intranetwork and international roaming, the most active user of the mobile Internet and fan MMS - messages, and also much - many other things. If you actively use cellular communication be ready: one fine day to you can call from the company and invite behind a gift. The future depends on you!

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