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The international Academy Jasnovidenija and Power therapies

Well-known clairvoyant
Ekaterina Abibullaeva
carries out training jasnovideniju in Krasnodar
since February, 14th, 2009.

the Mission to Svyshe Ekaterina Abibullaevne gives the Divine gift of healing, and also the right to train and devote pupils in energy and channels of the Founder. Having the unique Force passing by the nature of, it and in the previous embodiments bore the help and comfort by the sufferer. Ekaterina Abibullaevna not only trains jasnovideniju which is a leading direction of Academy, she owns the diversified esoteric knowledge, generously shares them with world around.

Ekaterina does not leave The wards and after training, advising and assisting in hard cases. Thus it cardinally changes their destiny, which as on magic wand wave, suddenly it starts to be built on best of possible scenarios! As a result, sweeping aside aside all pernicious, superfluous, the pupil starts performance of own mission from which has come to this world.

the Patients who have tested force of Gift Of Catherine, are surprised to that, on reception they practically should not tell anything about themselves! To it enough one passing to know all necessary about the basic events and problems in human life! Each of us at times gets to situations when itself cannot cope with the karmic problems bearing a negative in all spheres of life.

At times we not in a status even independently to define and formulate the problem! Such minutes of confusion and despair the person, as a rule, remembers existence of Light Forces and divine intermediaries, starts to search at them the help. And then Ekaterina Abibullaevna with a faultlessness of the professional defines, what exactly can help in this case, and, confidently operating a situation, changes it to the best. Only then problems of the patient start to leave, releasing a place for joyful positive events of which in an ideal and our life should consist.

the International Academy Jasnovidenija and Power therapies is considered one of the best in training jasnovideniju for a long time already. Here known people were trained many. You can learn, already at the first step, to see the parallel worlds and, developing the skill further, not only will see an internal of the person, destiny of people in the past, the present and the future, but also can clean the negative information, damage, a damnation, celibacy crowns, a negative karma, to influence events, you can help not only, but also your native, familiar thanks to what we will get force, confidence, good luck, happiness and powerful protection of the Higher Divine forces.

can Be trained and the people who have passed dedication in kosmoenergeticheskie channels: “ it is not necessary To be afraid that channels will be closed or will cease to work, differently they would be closed at visitation of a temple or prayer reading since jasnovidenie which we give, goes from divine energy “.

On 1 - j steps jasnovidenija you will get acquainted with the Good angel, will see it, it will answer your questions, will protect, sponsor and train you, to correct your wrong actions.

you learn:

- to include the channel jasnovidenija, to see “ the third eye “
- to clean it and to correct the received image, to put protection,
- to see the past, the present and the future,
- to see the scenario of human life and further to correct it,
- to receive the sounded image,
- to incorporate to an information field and to receive from it the right answers on your questions.

On 2 - j steps jasnovidenija you learn:

- to see aura, displacement of fields, damage, malefices, damnations, “ celibacy crowns “ Love spells, vampirism, and all other negative programs,
- to distinguish lie and a deceit, learn individual key phrases which will allow to arrange to you of the person, on the person to define the amazed internal,
- to see an internal and to influence a human body on distance,
- to see defeat of a biofield of the person, suffering affliction alcoholic dependence and to correct it,
- to define, not only the person is live or dead, but also to specify the exact address where it is,
- to kill a pain and to heal a wound,
- to see all events of human life from a birth to his death.


* Jasnovidenie - 12 steps with assignment of ranks and degrees.
* Kosmoenergetichesky (channel) jasnovidenie, more than 250 various channels.
* healing - with assignment of a rank the Master - the folk healer.
* Healing on a method of Rejki - 4 steps, including Master Rejki.
* Energy of the most ancient civilisations: Atlantov, Absvetov, Giperboreev, Lemurijtsev.
* Female Magic Charm - 4 steps.
* magic symbolism - manufacturing and a gymnastics of talismans and amulets.

On individual reception you can use following services:

*Помощь at diseases - nervous system, it is warm - vascular, lymphatic, urinogenital, zheludochno - an intestinal path, oporno - the impellent device, a skin, sense organs.
*Снятие negative programs - patrimonial porch, malefices, damnations, vampirism, “ a celibacy crown “ “ a divorce hoop “ installation of powerful protection.
*Гармонизация family and business relations.
*Решение family problems.
*Высокоточное jasnovidenie - a destiny prediction (the past, present, future). *Помощь in business - formation of desirable events.
*Талисманы - on love, happiness, good luck, trade, business.

We wait for you at our seminar. We will tell in detail about scientific achievements of Academy, we will show the possibilities. We will spend an improving session on which many your misfortunes, negative programs and illnesses will leave.

Further we will spend individual reception and training under the chosen and recommended program.

Upon termination of certificates and diplomas of the established sample stand out.
the seminar and record on training will take place on February, 14th in 12. 00.

the address: Krasnodar, street Red, 109, hostel “ Intourist “ a conference - a hall.
the information on bodies. In Krasnodar: 8 - 918 - 970 - 39 - 79
in Moscow: (495 506 - 60 - 30
www. darija. ru

Ekaterina Abibullaeva
the academician jasnovidenija, the professor.