Rus News Journal

In January in Vladimir have risen in price sugar and matches

Judging by a rise in prices fixed by the vladimirskiy statisticans, vladimirtsy prepare for a long siege. Crisis, as well as any extreme situation, has cleared our deep instincts - to reserve salt, sugar and matches. The market has reacted - the goods which can be bought in kgs and long to store, for first half of January have risen in price.
the prices for matches - for 10 percent have most strongly grown. However, in natural expression it only 10 copecks for boxes but if to buy in hundreds... Sugar has risen in price for 4 percent for a half-month, almost on as much - vermicelli. Meat, sour cream, a potato too have risen in price, but is insignificant - less than for percent. Though if business so will go and further by the summer growth becomes notable.
black bread, milk, butter, eggs, vegetable oil and groats have fallen in price in January. However, too it is not so appreciable - on 1 - 2 %.